Kewei’s (got one in the) kitchen

So, you’ve probably been wondering what’s happened to us.

Since we finished our pop-up in Spisehuset, we’ve had an interesting summer. We saw lots of potential restaurants that we thought might work for us. We even put in a couple of bids.

And then? Well then we had a piece of news. Quite a big piece of news actually. We discovered that Kewei was cooking up something special in her own little incubator and we got the confirmation in July that we’re going to have our first baby in February.

Which left us with a dilemma. Do we still push ahead and keep looking for a venue? In the first couple of weeks, that’s exactly what we did. And then reality set in. We knew something had to give. With a lot of sadness, and a tear or two, we decided we had to put any plan to open a restaurant on hold.

But when we say on hold, we mean on hold. It might be a year. It might be 18 months. But there is every chance that you will be seeing the Kewei’s Kitchen name doing the rounds again.

In the meantime, the maitre d’ (and washer-upper, floor sweeper, waiter and any other tasks required) has been packed off to a ‘real’ job, Kewei’s using her branding skills (you all know already that she’s a bit of a branding wiz) at a creative agency with interests in China, and we’re working just as hard as we did at the restaurant to create a new home for the Kewei’s Kitchen plus one.

So, to all of you that have been such loyal supporters and who have continued to drop the occasional enquiry as to what we’re doing, we thank you. Without your custom and your willingness to spread the word, we would never have made a success of a pop-up that, let’s face it, operated on the two most difficult days of the week, through the long winter months. We must have been mad!

So, without further ado, we’ll bid you farewell, but with the promise we’ll be back. We‘ll miss you and the restaurant everyday. But with one extra in the team to train up, you know we’ll be an even better Kewei’s Kitchen version 2.0! 

Good luck. Keep smiling!


Copy of Kewei's Kitchen (2).png